Sleeping with a decent stance will gain good health apart from rest only. Good sleeping habits will bring happiness to life. Sleeping positions are different types, but the most critical question about this is its comfort giving and effectiveness when we are retiring for the night. When sleeping in the night, we all do postures like tossing up a bed sheet, topping one over one pillow or any other similar steps.

All these efforts we make only to get sleep on the bed. After this one question also will raise in the mind of how high should my pillow be? Or does a big pad give decent rest on the bed my answer will be yes to this context?

Right height pillow will bring comfortable sleep in the night. And it will not cause any pain to the neck, for to know the proper height of the cushion on the bed, we have made some right efforts in the sleeping like always aligned the pillow height with rest of the body. Don’t bend the pillow bending will cause numbness headache and pain to the neck. Below I am going to show some right things about sleep.


When sleeping on the side

Your pillow for sleep should be medium to high thickness; from this, you gain aligned height to your neck and body and the promise of more extended hours sleep.

 Sleeping on the back

Medium to low thickness pillow for this sleep gives your spinal column an extra comfort. And you will rest throughout the night without interrupting the sleep

When sleeping on the stomach

Take thin or no pillow for ensuring an undisturbed sleep all night without cramping in the abdomen. This will help in resting in this type of position. You can manage your sleep type according to your need. The location of sleep varies from person to person.

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