When you have some ancestral fields and do not want to sell them you could grow some crops in it and earn some money from them. This is possible only when your family members also would agree to this. But, your elders would not agree to this since they would have seen several of their friends or several of the villagers ending up in losses because of the crops getting damaged due to the weeds. They would have tried all sorts of chemicals that are likely to kill the weeds, but this does mean that the crops are also likely to get impacted because of these chemicals and hence it becomes your duty to find the  strong weed killer  that could kill the weeds but would not damage the crop.


Crop does not mean that you should grow in very huge area. You could even do this sort of cultivation or agriculture even in small areas. You do not have to worry about available of the weed as for such small areas also the weed killer would be available online. However, you should know much would suffice for the small land that you have. Once you have these details it is easy for you to place an order online. Do not hesitate to buy from the same online store if you have a very big land in which you are planning cultivation of multiple crops in bulk. The soil is the same and the weeds that could grow in this soil would also not change.
Since you could not fill in such a huge area with a fertile soil you should continue to choose the crop that is most suitable for this soil. At the same time, you should also be able to find the best weed killer that could kill the weeds but not your crops.

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